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Sparkling G!

by yan_g

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Melodic electronica.

This is what was my answer to Marco Medkour (who runs rec72.net ) as he was asking me about the genesis of "Sparkling G!":

Sparkling_G! is not a concept album, there is no idea behind the music, there is no thinking involved. I tried, as in most of my music, to put as much soul as I could. I always try to tell something coherent, realistic, even if I have no idea what it is. To me the major point of music is to tell what can't be told in words, I try to express what wants to come out, with very little control. I would say that the only conscious input during my music making process is the attempt to make it universal. As I said above, to give it coherence. I make sure each track is meaningful to me, with the hope that it'll be meaningful to someone else.

About the sound, I tend to consider the lower frequencies are dark, and the higher are bright. Which, I guess is universal because on many audio devices the boosting of high freqs is called "brightness". The sparkles I mention in the title refer to that. I try to sculpt stars with the high frequencies, above a beautiful landscape made of bass and mids. Bright details that sparkle in your ear. This is what I can think of as I analyse my music and creation process...


released February 7, 2010

Written by yan_g a.k.a. Yann Guillermou between 2006 and 2009, although "something's out of ctrl-z" might have been started back in the early 2k's.

"something's out of ctrl-z" is based around a bassline by Silencide.

Released through rec72.net , check them out!

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yan_g Paris, France

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